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We were founded in August, 2010, and is located in Ashland, OH. It is an IT services company, which provides web design and network marketing nationwide.

The DM in our name means that we "Do More!!!" which means that, with your trust and confidence in our services, we can “Do More” to help you “Do More”!

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Green DM

The DM in our name means that we "Do More" which means that, with your trust and confidence in our services, we can “Do More” to help you “Do More”

Dmprod LLC You can “Do More” You can “Do More”

Our outsourcing services will assure you the most efficient service at the lowest price, so you can free up your resources to “Do More”.

Dmprod LLC We can “Do More” We can “Do More”

Our group will work harder, be more meticulous, and make available to you the full range of outsourcing services.

Dmprod LLC Most efficient Most efficient

We use global outsourcing services available on a 24/7 basis, providing intelligent control of the division of labor to a global team.

Dmprod LLC Most confidential Most confidential

We provide intelligent distribution of the assignment into several parts, assuring final program safety and confidentiality of content.

Dmprod LLC Lowest price Lowest price

With more than three outsourcing project teams available, we choose the one most advantageous for you.


DM Web Desgin

Whether you are starting from scratch, or you have an existing site in need of a facelift, you've come to the right place.

We've helped firms most over China & USA build websites they can be proud of. We excel in every part of the process -- planning, design, development, content management and launch.

We'll not only help build your website, we can help you fill your new site with traffic including prospects who are interested in your products & services.

DM Web Hosting

Your small business needs a web hosting presence it can count on.

With cheap hosting solutions, it seems to be without fail that the day your expensive newspaper advertisement is published is the day your web hosting quits working.

We've been there. Then we swore we'd never go back - for the sake of our clients' business AND our own.

DM Mobile App

Market leader in iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Windows Mobile,Palm, Web applications development.

DM offers a range of services to its customers, which includes and is not limited to the following: product development services, system integration services, technology consulting, product migration, mobile software, mobile VAS, custom outsourced software development etc.

DM has worked with over 90 clients, delivered over 300 projects in its 5 years of operation.

DM Content Management System

A content management system (or CMS) is a tool that allows an organization to make changes to its website without having to work with HTML code.

It's so simple to use, that at first glance you might mistakenly think it is light weight. But once you start using it, you'll realize that it actually has MORE features than the most popular systems like Joomla and WordPress, while being a lot easier to use.

CMS was developed by our team of marketing pros, developers, designers -- and with a lot of feedback from our customers.

DM SEO Marketing

SEO is a Critical Component of Your Website Design.

Every website we build does extremely well in the search engines like Google - not just the main page, but the entire site. We roll out the red carpet for Google, Yahoo & Bing-- making it easy for their search engine "spiders" to find their way around the websites we build. In turn, your business will show up when people search for the products & services you offer.

If you're looking to really get serious about SEO, we offer a number of extra search engine services, like keyword research, advanced SEO, pay-per-click campaigns, and much more.

DM Network Marketing

Network marketing is at the very core of DM's DNA.

As our company has grown, people think of us as a web design shop. That's accurate. But it doesn't give you the full picture of how we can help you. we aren't just a marketing agency either, because we employ exceptional artists and technicians.

With marketers at the helm, we can help you make plans that will grow your company to levels you didn't think were possible. And with talented artists and technicians on our team, we can actually execute the plans we develop together.



Outsourcing is the contracting out of a business process, which an organization may have previously performed internally or has a new need for, to an independent organization from which the process is purchased back as a service.

At Dmprod we specialize in the outsourcing process. We contract a your business process to an independent organization then purchase the process back as a service. This is just one more way we ensure your company's personal needs are met beyond expectation and in the most efficient manner possible.


We have more than 6 years of outsourcing management experience.

If you need a separate outsourcing company or team to serve you, we can provide an outsourcing headhunting service, so that your outsourcing project has one-to-one service.

Our outsourcing headhunting service, is an one-time service. we do not provide follow-up on contractors hired through our outsourcing service.

If you need an "All in One" outsourcing business, you can choose our complete service.


1. Apply for outsourcing services application.

2. Send professional engineer for door-to-door investigation of the IT environment for your enterprise.

3. Set up IT outsourcing service plan.

4. Discuss & confirm the final outsourcing service plan.

5. Sign contract and Implementation of the contract agreement.

6. Charge related service fee.

7. Visit customers to obtain feedback.

8. Project Complettion.



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English Service

419-777-8882 & 8883 & 8884 & 8885

Chinese Service



"The quality of their work was as good as any firm we interviewed in Manhattan, their rates were much more reasonable, and the service and responsiveness of the principal Junjun and his team has been truly extraordinary. So we are very happy with our decision to select Dmprod as our web developer."

Bo Liao Publicity agent at National Shirt Shop

"Dmprod developed a website for my business. The website is easy to navigate for visitors and really shows off the work that we do. I also like the fact that I can update the site at my leisure, and review the statistics of the traffic visiting our site.I look forward to working with them on other marketing projects."

Joyce K. Harvey Administrative manager at Golden Joy

"We've received numerous compliments about the fresh appearance and ease of navigation on the website. Thank you for doing such a great job creating a product we can be proud of! We really appreciate how easy it is to use your product, the CMS has been easy to learn and makes changes to the website so easy."

Alfredo C. Bartlett Public relations manager at Coconut's

Plans and pricing



  • New Domain Name
  • 5 Web Pages
  • Open Source CMS
  • Shared SEO in Google
  • Shared Hosting
  • Domain Mail Support
  • Dedicated Server
  • Mobile APP

Contact us for the detail, and the quote if you only need some parts of the service.

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  • Advanced Domain
  • 12 Web Pages
  • SEO in Google/Yahoo
  • Advanced CMS
  • Virtual Private Servers
  • Domain Mail Support
  • IOS or Android APP
  • Dedicated Server

Contact us for the detail, and the quote if you only need some parts of the service.

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  • 2 Advanced Name
  • 15 Web Pages
  • SEO in All
  • Advanced CMS
  • Global CDN
  • Domain Mail Support
  • Dedicated Server
  • IOS and Android APP

Contact us for the detail, and the quote if you only need some parts of the service.

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